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Cory Bunton reviewed Atlas Pro Training LLC May 5, 2018

Carlos Bunton Defensive Lineman - Ohio Northern University

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Ernest is an exceptional trainer. He has trained my son and I have seen him in action personally and the results speak for themself. He helped my son rehab after an acl injury he suffered during his junior year in high school. With Ernests help my son was cleared to return to team sports 5 months after surgery. He was able to play his Senior year and was ready to start as a freshman in college with Ernests help. I can not recommend Ernest enough. He is the real deal.

Ahzzie Manhart - High School Tennis Player/USTA Tournament Player

Zesa Manhart reviewed Atlas Pro Training LLC June 2018

My son has been training with Coach Allen for five months now (with more to come), and his strength, conditioning, and confidence has exponentially increased on and off the court. Coach Allen is a keeper!

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 Charlie Rolenc BIshop Moore Lineman

Elise Rolenc reviewed Atlas Pro Training LLC 

September 13 , 2017

"Ernest at Atlas Pro Training is a Top Notch trainer! He has trained my son for a few years now and the improvements on and off the football field are astounding! Not only has he increased in strength, endurance and agility; he has improved his self esteem and confidence! Working with Ernest has been a true blessing and I am excited for my son to continue his work and see a very successful future! Thanks, Ernest!!"

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Amy Nelson Benson reviewed Atlas Pro Training LLC

May 19 , 2017

"Ernest has worked with me personally to develop a strength training plan that fits my goals. He has helped me to achieve success by gradually implementing this plan in a way that has prevented injury yet challenges me." 

Matt and Amy Benson AP Semi Personal Training Clients 

Sarah Benson Caiazzo


Sarah started here journey at Atlas Pro Training in May of 2015, she has lost a total of 28lb, (25lb over the past 10 months), and has reduced her body fat percentage in the process by over 4 points all while working full time as a flight attendant and full time mom to her two boys. She is a true inspiration to all who has seen her transformation over the past year. 

"I love Atlas pro training. I have been going almost 8 months. I like it so much I plan my life around my workouts. I do the group training sessions and love the motivation I get. Ernest is an amazing trainer. He makes things challenging by switching up the workouts, but is also careful that no one gets injured. Ernest is very professional and is always there for you when you want to get in a workout!!!! He is beyond 5 stars!!!"

Sarah Benson Caiazzo

Andre Cooper  WR

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Andre Damon Cooper Sr. reviewed Atlas Pro Training LLC

December 17, 2015 · 

My son began training at Atlas Pro Training LLC with Coach Allen this past summer. Due to the fact that this would be my son's first encounter with weight training, I wanted someone knowledgeable and Atlas Pro Training LLC was absolutely perfect for us!! Coach Allen has tremendously increased my son's strength, agility, and speed. This facility is first class all the way!! Best in Orlando!!!