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Group Training PAckages And Rates 

Our functional group training session are designed to improve their fitness levels in a group training setting. Our goal is to improve your body composition, cardiovascular fitness level, increase your strength, and improve your flexibility and mobility, with the goal of improving your quality of life.  

AP Small Group Personal Training Package and Rates

  • AP HITT Unlimited! : $145.00 per month (unlimited classes)

  • AP One Month HIIT Package: $155.00 for 1 month (limited to 4 classes per week)

  • AP HIIT 10 Pack: $95.00 for 10 classes


Personal Training PAckages and rates


One On One Training (1:1) - ALL personal training packages is include: 

  • Body composition testing and analysis.

  • Movement assessment to measure your flexibility and mobility

  • Strength assessment to gage your strength level and to assess any strength imbalances that could be limiting your movement.

AP EXCEL Personal Training (1:1) - This is one on one training sessions with one trainer and one individual client being trained

 Packages and Rates

  • Training Package for $385 per month

Semi-Personal Training (2:1)- This personal training program is for to individuals who would like to share the cost of the training package and would like to train with a friend, spouse or other family member(s). The most training popular program! 

   Packages and Rates

  • 3 month Training Package for $545 per month/$270 per person