Finding The Function in Disfunction: The Foundation of Functional Training

Finding The Function in Disfunction: The Foundation of Functional Training

The assessment that I use to evaluate the movement of my clients is inspired by the FMS and there are elements of the FMS in my 4 point movement assessment. What I am looking for with my basic knowledge of human movement and kinesiology is making sure that the athlete has good, ankle, hip, and shoulder. I also assess Thoracic mobility and stability which affects everything from your breathing to your shoulder and lower back health. I started producing a series of videos showing exercises that I use to improve the strength and the mobility of these three key areas, here is one of them......

The value of what you do

The value of what you do

Tonight I had the opportunity to attend a high-speed networking event and I learned a lot about myself, I am beginning to see how to communicate my “message” and my purpose in a more effective way. I have come to the realization that connecting with people is the best way to reach people, not by manipulating their emotions but connecting with them, don’t sell yourself be yourself within your purpose. I am on a mission to reach as many people as I can so that I can show my value to the people who are ready to receive my message.

Travel Training - Fitness on the Road


Nothing is more problematic than trying to keep your fitness program alive and well while you have to travel. Hotels may not often have the gym equipment that you utilize. Finding the time between your busy schedules is almost nonexistent. There's a couple of quick "in room" programs that you can perform quickly and efficiently and still maintain all of your hard work.

Movement Prep: 

  • Forward Lunge  
  • Reverse with reach Lunge
  • Lateral Lunge
  • Alternating Reach
  • Hand Walks  

Exercises- Perform 3 sets for each exercise

1) Overhead Squats w/ travel bag or body weight - 10 reps

  • 30 sec rest between set

2)Incline Pushups (performed on the edge of the bed or desk) - 10 reps

  • Jumping Jacks for interval - 1 min work 15 sec rest 2 sets   

3) Split Squats w/ travel bag on shoulder - 8 reps each leg

  • 30 sec rest between sets   

4) Dips performed on edge of bed or small table - 15 reps

  • Jump Rope 1 min work 15 sec rest for 2 sets

Core Work- 2 sets

  1. Reverse Crunch- 30 sec work 10 sec rest
  2. Hip Crossovers- 30 sec work 10 sec rest
  3. Planks- 10 sec rest between
  • Forward - 25 sec
  • Right side - 25 sec
  • Left side - 25 sec 

Remember in the end, you're trying to maintain your standard fitness regiment that you have on your home turf.  Proper form is critical, take extra care knowing that you are not in a facility designed for fitness. And if you find the time you can do this whole program over to get a real workout!