complete a task

Trust the Process... Even if you Don't!

Why play the game if you think you can't win A@#hole! Everyone hears this little voice in their head (if you love to compete). That is my challenge everyday, some days it leads to a productive work, but day some days it leads to just spinning my wheels in my office.  But one thing that keeps me on task even on the days I am doing wheelies in my office chair (both figuratively and sometime literally) is my process.

Effort SUCKS

They preformed at a level that was effortless. That is what everyone (especially athletes) aspire to achieve greatness in a effortless cool way. No one wants to grind it out anymore, show effort. I loved the grind of preparing for anything of a physical nature, I would try to make my training, practice, and overall preparation harder than the contests that I performed in. This gave me sense of confidence that I could handle any situation during the game and impose my will on whoever I was competing against.