The Butt and Gut Connection: The Top 5 Core Exercises

Foundation of Core Training and Development

What is the core of the body?

Anterior and Posterior Core muscles

Anterior and Posterior Core muscles

Most of the peoples answer to that question off the top is a 2 or 6 pack of abs. And technically they are correct but there are a few other major players in the group of muscles that comprise the “core”. These muscles are all connected and depend on each other to function properly. Our “Pillar” ( another term that refers to the core or the body) is the area 180 degrees around the body between the Chest plate or sternum down through the hip complex almost to the mid thigh.

What are the known and some not commonly known benefits of strong Core muscles?

When we see someone with a six pack we automatically associate that with a strength, and while improving the tone and the look of the muscles has its benefits, you can’t ignore that the function of the core muscles is to stabilize the center of the body during movement.

Some of the benefits of a having strong core muscles are:

  • Improved and stable posture

  • Improved body control during movement

  • Improved transfer of power from the lower to upper body and vice versa, Improving force generation. - Think of a boxer punching a heavy bag or a golfer swinging a club to drive the ball as far as possible.

  • Can improve Breathing and or Respiratory function

The Top 5 Core Exercises (no crunching) that will Strengthening your core muscles and improve your Performance.

  • Band/Cable Core Rotations

  • Pauloff Press

  • Reverse Hypers with Mini Band - Posterior / Back

  • Powerball Russian Twists

  • Alternating band pulls with Leg Lifts