The value of what you do

I could start this post with some generic google search definition of the word Value, but that would be cheap and plus I want to write about my definition of what I know "value" is and how I apply that definition to my business and my life. While I was journaling this evening I came up with two questions to come up with what my definition of what value is. 

Question #1: What are my values? 

Question #2: What do I value? 

The answers to these questions are simple and to the point( which I will share soon in a future post) but they just tell half the story. Tonight I had the opportunity to attend a high-speed networking event and I learned a lot about myself, I am beginning to see how to communicate my “message” and my purpose in a more effective way. I have come to the realization that connecting with people is the best way to reach people, not by manipulating their emotions but connecting with them, don’t sell yourself be yourself within your purpose. I am on a mission to reach as many people as I can so that I can show my value to the people who are ready to receive my message. That is how I can show and define my value. I believe value is like beauty it lies in the eye of the beholder there for the definition of value is somewhat fluid and subjective. That fluid subjectivity(if that is a word) is what keeps you on your toes and holds you accountable to the people you are blessed to serve.