Are you Ceasar?

It’s Wednesday night it’s raining my day is coming to close, so I just finished a light training session and a walk-in consultation. I sit down to enjoy my dinner and I turn on the TV monitor in my training facility and the first channel I tuned into has War for the Planet of the apes on. Everyone who knows me knows how I love rerun movies, I will watch a movie literally 100’s of times if I like it (shout out to Deadpool- those who know, know). As I am watching I think back to the previous planet of the ape films and I see the evolution of the character of Caesar as he developed into a leader of the apes. Leadership has always fascinated me, and I enjoy seeing, reading about how leaders are developed and in some cases born. But even in the case of a so-called natural born leader there was a process that brought out the leadership qualities and actions that were there from  the beginning. The process that I am referring to is the process of learning to be of service and deeply caring for others not just on the surface but learning to truly care about the well-being, the happiness, and the security of others especially that are not kin or friends, and the foundation of this is learning to care and love yourself and actually seeing that you are worthy of being loved and cared for. This usually is lead by a parent that fearlessly loves them and teaches them how to care and most importantly how to show others in your presence that you care deeply for them. This may start off as empathy but it evolves into a truly caring for the well-being of others. Caesar displayed this as he developed as a leadership skills, in every film the well-being of apes was his main motivation and he was willing to die in-order to for them to survive. As I write this post I continue to ask myself are you Caesar? And to be honest I would like to think that I am and I see myself in that way (most of the time) but sometimes my impatience leads me in the opposite direction; not all of the time but enough for me to see it. I truly love helping people and seeing them reach their goals and go beyond any perceived limitations. I truly care about the well-being of everyone because I feel showing someone that they matter and that they are acknowledged and their opinions and points of view are valued leads to them passing those valuable traits onto someone else and leading them to hopefully develop other leaders. And the when those skills are mixed with a purpose, the sky is the limit! As I continue my journey to become the best coach/trainer I can be, the goal is to become Caesar. This process is a journey not a destination, it’s never ending and requires consistency, not bullish behavior but assertive action to show people you are willing sacrifice your well-being for their well-being. -Care with a purpose-

Ceasar pix.jpg