Create Your Environment or Your Environment Will Create YOU

We are all influenced by our environment, you may try to deny that fact but just look at the last time you interacted with a sad or negative person, or you went into a Walmart on a Sunday evening at the first of the month (just kidding....) or even worst you walk into your home after a great day at work and your inlaws who have been in town staying with you for several weeks are still there after they decided to stay longer. These are my examples of how your surroundings or for the sake of this post your environment can have a effect on you. These may be short term examples but I hope you get on board to see where I am going.  

As I continue my journey as a father, coach/trainer, (ex-husband lol) and entrepreneur/business owner, sometimes I can have in a bit of a negative disposition, if I allow these short term situations within the surrounding environment around me control my attitude and my approach towards my daily activities that negative environment will  influence my behavior to a certain extent and if I don’t recognize this negative influence my  environment will create my reality, which will influence my behavior and when that happens my environment is creating who I am..... Unless I make a conscious effort to maintain a positive environment. And how do I do this? By searching out positive influences, this could be a night where I binge on 80’s music, or spending a few hours reading self improvement books and listening to YouTube videos, or maybe do some writing (like tonight). 

This is why I believe group training has taken hold of health and performance/fitness industry, the environment helps change people’s attitude towards exercise and also fosters a bit of competition among the people in the group. It’s cool to see this happen, and is a inspiration to the coach/trainer who is conducting the workout! 

The environment the that surrounds you can dictate who you are..... BUT ONLY IF YOU ALLOW IT TO!! Find ways to influence your environment consistently so that you are prepared for anything negative that will happen. Use your imagination to create the environment that you need and deserve. 

True Self Confidence=Control of your Environment

True Self Confidence=Control of your Environment