What is the AP HIIT Class.....

What is the AP HIIT method? Well, it is a training method that I turned into a small group training class in 2015 when I was finishing my bachelor's degree in Fitness and wellness. The concept was developed from a boot camp and a small group training sessions that I ran at the second gym I worked at when I first started. Most boot camps use just body weight for resistance and are really heavy cardio training (at least from the ones that I have attended and or seen) I wanted to include resistance training exercises within the session along with heavy to medium cardio, and core training. One of the main areas that I wanted to focus on was limiting injury but maintaining a medium-high heart rate and allowing the individual to focus on the movement first and not have to focus on counting reps. Here is an example of a training session:

Movement Prep


Trigger Point/Foam Roller

Jump Rope
2 min 30sec/5 sec Intervals

Band Pulls 12x3
Lunge Elbow to Instep
Reverse Lunge w/ Twist
Inverted Hamstrings
Hand Walks

Cardio Training

2 rounds
30-45 sec /5 sec intervals

KB Swings
Three Hurdle Run
Battle Ropes
Pull-Push Sled

Resistance/Core/Cardio Circuit

2 rounds Main Circuit
30-45/5-8 sec intervals

1) DB Incline Bench - 30-45/5-8 sec
Lateral Steps ups - 30-45/5-8 sec

2) Jungle Gym Rows - 30-45/5-8 sec
     Power Ball Planks - 30-45/5-8 sec

3) Band Chest Press - 30-45/5-8 sec
     Jumping Jacks - 30-45/5-8 sec

4) Sandbag Rows - 30-45/5-8 sec
   Power Ball Russian Twists  - 30-45/5-8 sec

5) Band Chops - 30-45/5-8 sec
    Split Squat Jumps - 30-45/5-8 sec

6) DB Curls To Press - 30-45/5-8 sec
    Band Core Rotations - 30-45/5-8 sec

Core Training


2 sets
8 reps @ side


2-4 sets
30-45 sec/5 sec @ round
or 12-16 reps @ set/round


2-3 Sets
10-15 reps


2-3 Sets
15-20 reps

The cardio circuit is done first to increase the heart rate and start the process of using the stored energy in the muscles using fast-paced movements such as Speed ladders, and hurdles, Battle Ropes, Shuttle runs, the power sled and speed sled, and light plyometrics jump rope, Hurdle Hops, and Steps ups. This circuit is done only once for two continuous rounds, for example, if there are 4 exercise then the clock is set for 8 rounds for listed amount of seconds.

Then we move on to the main circuit that is made up of 4-6 stations that combine Resistance/Weightlifting exercises at each station with a core exercise or a cardio exercise. The main circuit is done two times, which is the bulk of the class. After the individual is comfortable executing the  exercises safely I encourage everyone to keep a count of their reps for the exercises at each station to gauge their progress in the class, because in theory as your fitness level improves you should be able to increase your repetitions over time without struggling or having to stop to rest during the session giving you a sense of how your fitness level is improving, and by second round you should be entering into a fat burning faze (the aerobic phase of energy consumption) of the sessions because at this point you should have depleted most of your glycogen stores (the anaerobic phase of energy consumption) helping you to start burning fat for energy instead of the fast burning carbohydrates.

Then we finish the session with a core circuit for good measure and to keep the heart rate up for as long as possible. Each session lasts 40 to 50 mins including the warm up. There are several versions of my HIIT class that I use. For example, my CORE and Cardio Class and My new Glute HIIT class on Fridays @5pm.  Click Here to try out a free class!