Trust the Process... Even if you Don't!

Why play the game if you think you can't win A@#hole! Everyone hears this little voice in their head (if you love to compete). That is my challenge everyday, some days it leads to a productive work, but day some days it leads to just spinning my wheels in my office.  But one thing that keeps me on task even on the days I am doing wheelies in my office chair (both figuratively and sometime literally) is my process. This is my process that I use to set goals/benchmarks, and daily tasks. I have three notebooks, one is small the size of a post card, one is medium size the a few inches smaller than a normal 8x11 piece of paper, the third "notebook" is a yellow paper legal pad. The small pick size notebook is used for my to do lists, for the next 5 -7 days, the Medium size notebook is my general all purpose note book were write out my month financial obligations (bills), Marketing ideas and strategies, rate and pricing development, and all things ATLAS. and last but not least my legal pad, this is my 6-12 month planning notebook for my company to record my equipment acquisition, and marketing. This system that I created by accident has worked for me over that several months, but in a year it will be streamlined down to just two note books. 

I have along way to go to make what I do look effortless as Cam Newton scoring on a 50 yard run, but I will continue to work this process and develop a system that will allow me to help more people doing what I love to do which is to train them to reach their full potential. What kills the "process" is false confidence, inpatients, and the need for instant positive results. It is impossible to create anything of true value whether that be a business, a relationship, or even a sell without a process to set the foundation for the reward. I had a coach once tell me that in order to achieve any success you must have blind faith, and another coach told me the only thing that dictates the amount of success that you will have is your attitude. So I am saying that the amount of blind faith that have (though your actions) combined with a great unquenchable can do attitude you can develop a process that will lead you to places beyond your wildest dreams.